Our studio and experienced staff are able around the clock to provide you with the following amenities during your stay at Media 3 Ltd:

  • HD-SDI Multi-Camera Studio
  • Direct Inbound and Outbound Fiber Connectivity to Waterfront (Encompass New York)
  • Inbound and Outbound IP-based Connectivity via LTN Global
  • Stream to Facebook Live 
  • Tier-One 100/100Mbps Internet Connection
  • Customizable set designs
  • Private Green Rooms
  • Technical Director
  • Producer
  • IFB Coordinator
  • Teleprompter & Operator
  • Make-up Artists
  • Digital Records and history
  • Plasma and DLP monitors
  • Hot Roll Clip capability
  • Green Screen
  • 24/7 Availability 
  • Fine Catering & Refreshments