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Experience the Difference

Renowned in the industry for our first class service and unparalleled reliability, Media 3 is the facility of choice for global broadcasters and Fortune 500 companies alike.  Conveniently located high above Fifth Avenue in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, this state-of-the-art facility is nothing less than an exclusive retreat for our highly regarded clientele.  From fully appointed private lounges to concierge and fine catering services, Media 3 provides the ambiance, privacy and security that celebrities, CEOs and international heads of state expect.

Media 3 Ltd’s cutting edge broadcast facilities are continuously evolving as technology and creativity drive the industry into new spaces.  The experience we bring to the table stems from our involvement in the launch of three 24/7 news networks as well as what was to become the first streamed internet TV network.  Our award winning BureauCam® Systems enable global news and media organizations to remotely manage, maintain and control unmanned broadcast facilities around the world.

The companies of Media 3 Ltd. are built on a relentless commitment to providing exceptional service quality and reliability to those who know the difference.